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Posted 2013 Jun 30 by zergothband

Ep.3 - The Counsel of 5

On April 14 2011 Sir Hoovington made the journey to Florida to meet with his fellow bandmates: Carlos R. Enriquez Altieri - Lead guitar, Gil Giberga - Bass guitar, Jerry Ortiz - Drums, and Cj Enriquez - Rhythm Guitar. The chemistry was great, practice was fantastic, and the vibe was FUCKING AMAZING! 
Shots were many, and hails were a plenty! The metal gods looked down upon us kindly. At the end of the day one conclusion was drawn. This Band will work! The thrash will never stop! For Zergoth is a faceless beast consumed by metal!!
Brandon will be in Florida Dec 2012 for a permanent move. Work is currently underway for our release Thrash Odyssey slated for late 12/12 - early 2013.
Thank you to all the people who have supported us... We serve to Thrash m/

Posted 2013 Jun 30 by zergothband

Zergoth -Thrash Band Presentation Video

The footage was taken from our first meeting (rehearsal) after 2 years of planning and recording our first album "Psychological Defense" completely done through the Internet between Carlos Enriquez - composer and Brandon: Sir Hoovington - vocalist. m/

Posted 2013 Jun 30 by zergothband

Interview with Sir Hoovington on

Check out this Interview hosted by The always killer Valitude! Direct DL HERE

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Posted 2013 Jun 30 by zergothband

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