Thrash Odyssey is nearly done!!!

Mix and Mastering fucks! M/

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So it’s been a few years since there’s been any updates from Zergoth! It’s finally time for some god damn scoops! Thrash odyssey is eight tracks in with three songs to go. Right now we’re undergoing the mixing process for the better half of the album while the rest gets finalized vocally….After that it’s on to mastering. A concrete release of 2017 has been slated for Thrash Odyssey and we look forward to finally opening the gates of hell!

A lot has gone on in the past two years. Sir. Hoovington and bassist Kevin moved back to MI after successfully moving to Orlando and playing out. The goal for an internet based band to form in real life became a reality for everyone involved. It was a fantastic year and a half! Unfortunately due to circumstance, and the lack of time to work on a second album…Zergoth was forced to revert back to its online origins only to focus on completing Thrash Odyssey with Guitarlos and Hoovington at the helm. 
After the release of our upcoming album Thrash Odyssey; Zergoth will be playing live. However not as frequently due to the expenses of travel/coordinating/getting time off
Now as you have guessed the site needs some serious updating. Zergamation is meant to host animated content created by the band and it’s been sorely neglected. Rest assured some outlandish shit will be up soon! The merch section has been closed for the time being. So as soon as Thrash Odyssey releases we will have the page back up with items restocked, and also update our inventory with new merch…. Our first release can still be bought through CD baby, or by digital distribution on Amazon, ITunes and so on.  You can also scope out our player to the right of the page and jam out to a couple new tracks. Russian Raid, and Unfinished Business! Both to be featured on Thrash Odyssey. 
That’s all for now. Check back and keep posted! And as always keep it Heavy M/

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A very Thrashgiving weekend!

Oct 22nd We will be out in Satellite beach serving up some fucking Thrash! With a hearty helping of Metal! Zergoth will be sharing the stage with - Who Was I, and Thought of Redemption m/  Event page found here
Oct 23rd Zergoth will offer up some leftovers! However this Meal of Metal proportions is just as fresh as the last! Zergoth will be opening for the legendary General Bastard!! Sharing the stage is the always killer Thrashahoolica! Event page found here

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Zergoth to Headline on the 28th @ The Haven lounge!

A great line up of metal to be had! Invite any, invite all! SOUND THE FUCKING CALL! Event page can be found here m/

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A weekend of Metal! Exotype & Hellwitch ImI(><)ImI

On Fri Sept 6th Zergoth will be shredding the Stage with Exotype @ BACKBOOTH in downtown Orlando. You can buy your tickets in advance @ ticketweb. The Facebook event page can be found here. Come out and fucking party with us! 

On Sat Sept 7th Zergoth will Thrash the fuck out with Hellwitch! Hosted by Sickfukn Ross - This show is guaranteed to bang the head that does not bang! With the likes of Hellwitch, Druid Lord, Guverra, Thrashaholica, and Zergoth. What's to ascerfuckintain other than to go H.A.M. with METAL!!! The Facebook event page can be found here

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Some News!

Our official CD release was killer! Great bands, Good times. The turnout was perfect and the beer was flowing! We also managed to capture it all on video. So Zergoth will be working on releasing a 5-6 track live only footage chronicling our first couple gigs live.  This is to be released in the not so distant future. m/

Thrash Odyssey has been delayed for a 2014 release. Zergoth assures death to it's members if it's wishes are not granted. So expect Guitarlos and Sir. Hoovington to be working overtime with the second half of the album m/

Also look for us Aug 17th @ Bombshells. Zergoth will be lending support for Transpose's Retribution 2013 tour.

Scope out the event page here

We will also be sharing the stage that night with our bro's over @ Guverra Check them out m/

One last thing! This site is currently being redone, so expect some layout difficulties, missing info, and a page or two being down. Basically expect the site to break every web standard for the time being.  Wakala!

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Phychological Defense CD Release party!

We are having our official Zergoth: Psychological Defense CD Release Party @ The Haven Lounge on July 27th! To bring those who are new to Zergoth up to speed; we released our first album online in Dec 2010 without any formal support. In those days Carlos and Brandon were still living across the country from one another trying to bring a band that was based on the internet into the real world.   


Now that Zergoth is one unit, we invite you to come out and get thrashed!

Sharing the stage will be special guests: Almost winter, Spiritual Warfare, Shattering Silence and Monotheist.

Shattering Silence

Almost Winter

Spiritual Warfare


Event page can be found here.

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It has BEGUN! Our first live gig, and future shows.

Zergoth has dawned it's armor and is now ready for battle. Our first show Metal Attacks @ The Haven Lounge was a success, and a monumental goal for the band. After three years of planning and relentless dedication it finally fucking happened!

Future shows have already been booked, and we look foreword to sharing the stage with other bands and playing out further this Summer. has a new feature to the right where fans can check out when and where Zergoth will be taking the stage next. For promoters, Venus and bands; our booking page is now up containing details on getting Zergoth to play at your event. 

Let the madness commence! 

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Ep.4 - Thrash Odyssey

2012 was a busy year for all of us at Zergoth! The original date for Sir.Hoovington’s quest to Orlando was delayed by one year; the original date being Dec 2011. In that time his soul was sold to a mysterious woman, and new material was created! Forging some of the Metal that that is to be featured on our upcoming release... Thrash Odyssey!

As of 12-29-2012 - Hoovington has been in Orlando with Guitarlos living a stone’s throw away. The Metal Alliance between the two has only gotten stronger, and the will to carry on with Zergoth has amplified!

Our 2nd release Thrash Odyssey is over halfway finished. The album will consist of 11 new tracks with a delayed release of 2014. A couple lineup changes were also made...Former Bassist Gil Galberia, and Drummer Jerry Ortiz will no longer be a part of the Zergoth lineup, for the conquest of other pursuits await them!

Zergoth is proud to welcome aboard

Orvin the Mighty - Drums of War

Kevin the Grither - Bass Guitar

Ziggy the Destroyer - Additional Guitars/Power

At this time practice is taking priority along with recording the rest of the album. We will be ready to take the stage and do battle come Summer of 2013!

Posted 2013 Jul 08 by zergothband

Strange Stuff Vid

Please enjoy the first (Homemade Video) of our track Strange Stuff. Actual Video shots of the famous haunted psychiatric hospital in Traverse City, Michigan, were taken in accordance to our album title "Psychological Defense". We had to sneak between the security cameras in the darkness...So it was not easy!

We actually heard some "bang" noises while taking pictures close to the locked front door of one of the buildings. Everything from the music, composition and video we did it ourselves with a very small budget. We hope you enjoy it and support us by liking us on FB or purchasing some CDs or other merch m/

Thank you! and stay posted for news regarding our next release Thrash Odyssey. m/

Posted 2013 Jun 30 by zergothband

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